Places I stayed at...

hotel teranga, dakar
crumbling, unfriendly & expensive
don't go there.

hotel de la poste, st. louis
Wonderful old historic building. Used to be a warehouse, then cinema, now family-run hotel that plays up it's history as the hotel for all the seamail pilots in their glorious heyday. Comfortable, a bit dated, central.


maison de passage, matam
this is a private house run by french aid agency. Very cheap, and with a wonderful staff and friends. Definitely a highlight for me and a great way to meet and hang out with the locals. My shoes got stolen here, and they came the 12 hour journey three days later to bakel to return them when they were retrieved by the search party.


Station Hotel, Keyes
think of a terry gillam movie and mix it with 120 degree heat. This is the hottest town in africa. Weird, but it had water and electricty and I felt in the lap of luxury after senegal.


tidjian's house, Sougalodaga
slept beautifully


Hotel Splendide, Ougadougou
Pleasant, executive hotel with a
great pool and right opposite
all the night life.


Hotel Ivoire, Abidjan
A final splash of inter-continental luxury.

hotel oceanic, dakar
cheap, clean, friendly -- worth it.

maison de passage, podor
miserable, hot, mosquitoes.
But Baaba Maal's hotel wasn't open:
saved me from a night on the street.


hotel Islam, bakel
really, the only choice in town. Shared bathroom and shower with no running water and electricty cuts frequent. Nice view from the roof. But the owner upset me by charging me tour fees on my hotel bill because the cleaner took me round town in his spare time. And he never paid the cleaner! I got really pissed since he was only paying the cleaner about $7 for the month.


Auberge Hotel, Bobo Diallaso
My favorite. Central, laid back, great staff, nice pool, great rooms with balcony. Just avoid that nasty thief Kader, out front.


Coconut Grove, Elmina
fantastic resort location on beach, but too expensive, too touristy, and too insulated from it's african environment.


Tills, outside Accra
great location on beautiful beach, cheap, deserted during week/rainy season, great vibe. Definitely worth it.


Hotel Paloma, Accra
Fabulous little complex of hotel, restaurants and shops. Really friendly, inexpensive, and the greatest family team running the show.