favorite moments...

hanging out with cheik and lo
in bakel, senegal


tea in dakar, senegal,
an amazing and delicious ritual


watching the senegalese navy
get stuck on goree beach


visiting senegal's symbol of
slavery on goree island


listening to african music -- everywhere


outside saraba nightclub in st. louis where
we got mobbed by about 60 people

fader taking me out into the bush
to visit senegalese villages & schools


staying in this house in matam, senegal

witnessing the sacrifices to the
spirits in burkina faso


witnessing the dance of the masks
at a funeral celebration in burkina


sending alex back to paris


hanging out in teddy's salon
downtown accra


saying goodbye to our friends in ghana.


going "outdooring" in accra to
celebrate the birth of this
man's son, and dancing all night.





the most westerly person
on the continent, senegal (me)


shine-shattering taxis in senegal


paco and lo cooking fish on
a remote island beach off st. louis


climbing down into a deserted
water tank at midnight to spend
some time with mohammed's friends
that lived there...


slipping across to Mauretania without visa


hanging out with my st. louis' friends


swimming in the water-falls
of banfora, burkina faso


winning over the street hustlers
in bobo-dioulassou, burkina


swimming in the forest of genguitte,
in burkina faso


spending the weekend with Tidiani
in his village in burkina faso


getting a tour by boat of the elmina
fish market in ghana


swinging along the canopy
walkway in Kukum, Ghana


meeting bizmark's family, accra


spending a week in accra with my friend alex from paris, and our new friend, elias who owns the paloma hotel in accra.


hanging at labadi beach on sundays,
accra, ghana.


and many other wonderful
moments and people
where a camera had no place...