(may 28th - june 19th)

started out as a terrible disappointment. Firstly, landing back in the midst of english, bad food, terrible coffee -- it just all felt too english. And the city itself is a disaster of urban planning. There are no buildings of note, no parks, no avenues, and humungous traffic problems. It was just a hot, sticky, messy sprawl of a city with little to redeem it. Even the wonderful seafront was completely neglected. But what it lacked in natural beauty, it made up for in overwhelming friendliness, a buzzing, promising economy, a somewhat liberated political system, and a host of new friends that made it the happiest time spent in any of the big cities. Indeed, I spent the last week house-hunting!


a statue of Kwame Nkrumah, the father of ghana's independence. It bears the scars of when it was
toppled and mobbed in one anti-government demonstration.


alex, one of my closest friends, flew down from Paris to be with me for a week. Here we are with elias: the owner of the hotel we were staying in who turned out to be great company, and made sure we found our footing in Accra. We ended up showing him a thing or two too!


I met Teddy, a liberian refugee whose both parents were killed in the war. He was here in Accra running a beauty parlor. We later used the parlor to throw a party for 80 of his and Henry's friends.



On the beachfront one day, a little ways out of Accra, a group of fishermen were fixing their boat.


Hammering the boat together.
Can you believe that the base of this huge boat is from one tree-trunk?




Labadi beach is the only nice beachfront along the accra city water-front. Every Sunday, it becomes the place to be on the weekends.


This was a show on the beach.


The water would get packed with people.


Not everyone was keen on photos.


Eating glass as his beach-act...


It was a great, laid-back stretch
of weekend fun.




jeffrey: one friend who took
the time to show us round accra.


Here's part of the gang that hung out at the salon.


Eric, proudly at work in the salon.



Proudly showing off how they
cut timber with a chainsaw.



This is Abraham, our taxi-driver, who took us
out of Accra for a three-day tour of the cape coast.



Another fabulous beach outside of Accra,
where you could spend the weekend.


Our taxi-driver posing for arty photos.


Our taxi-driver enjoying a swim!