Ougadougou Market

West Africa's largest market lies in the heart of Ougadougou in a massive sprawling concrete complex that was rebuilt after the original burned down. It was amazing. After 5 days of visiting the place I still had no sense of orientation, with 3 or 4 different levels and a maze of tiny alleys with stalls that sold every imaginable item. I was lucky enough to be befriended by a wonderful group of kids who took me round, negotiated my taking photos of everything, and in the end sold me 18kilos of wonderful wall hangings. Here's a sampling of the market.


Burkina is cotton rich, and you can't leave without buying one of these amazingly comfortable and cool outfits.


Loads of bronze and metal work.

Sieves for the flour.


Prayer mats.

Water carrier.



This is a bike park for all the markets' workers. Ouga is a city of bikes and mopeds, and without this sort of organized discipline, there would be mayhem.

Better still, pick your fabric and they'll make you one for about $5.

Naba is the guy you need in this market. Everyone respects him, and he'll amble around with you for hours, as well as giving you great deals on amazing fabrics. One of the nicest guys I met on this african trip. Trying to hustle up some cash from the market so that he can pay to finish his electrical engineering course at school. Ask for Naba.

Amazing bracelets.

Djembe drums.

Straw hats.

Bicycle oil in used medicine bottles!

Washing powders and dyes.

Stones to rub calloused feet.

Antibiotic pills.

Just taking a break from it all!