curious kids
(sat/sun may 8-9th)

oh my god!! Like a swarm of flies that followed me everywhere -- swarming through holes in the wall, around houses, over walls. Stopping when I did. Just there. For two days. Every minute. If I was inside, angling themselves so that they could see inside. Pretending not to look too curious. Growing in numbers.

I loved to turn and charge them and watch them scatter shrieking and howling through the village, inevitably leaving one infant standing, naked & crying.

A few infants recoiled in sheer terror if I was brought anywhere near them, but most just couldn't satisfy their curiousity. I was used to it, but it drove the adults I was with to absolute desperation. After a while I would just settle down and see glimpses of tidiani or his uncle running between buildings, chasing the kids, trying to disperse them with sticks and stones. Of course, that just made it even more fun for the kids.