(sunday, may 2nd)

we took a day out of Bobo and travelled an hour south to Banfora, through the surprisingly lush region of rice fields, sugar cane and mango, to visit the "chutes de Karfiguéla".



At Banfora, we hired two mobilettes and set off on the dirt track another 12kms or so toward the falls.


The falls tumbled down an escarpment onto the fertile plain below.



The falls are a popular spot, and a group from the local technical college were there when we arrived.



After a while at the falls, we sped along the irrigation channels that divided the rice fields to the Lac de Tengréla,


where a local fisherman took me out in his pirouge to see if we could spot the hippos that lived in the lake.


On the other side, there was the usual collection of kids. As I was sitting, watching the hippos, the kids were watching me. I guess we were both seeking bizarre-looking animals.


The only ones clearly not interested
were the hippos.




We flew back along the dirt tracks and into the town of Banfora, which was packing up its Sunday market-day. The buses back to Bobo were crowded, and tempers were short. Here we're all watching an argument outside.