(apr 29 - may 11)

my first burkina faso city, and a completely different feel to the other large west african cities. Laid-back, friendly, busy night-life -- it was definitely worth hanging out here for a while.

This is the Auberge hotel that I called home for a while. A nice crowd runs the place -- definitely the best choice in town.

This is the grand mosque, and a good example of the sudanic architecture that you find in Burkina. The train station below was a little more contrived.



Wide avenues shaded with generous trees, a million mobilettes buzzing past, street lights, trash cans (my first sighting!), lots of bars and discos.

The streets were replete with stalls, traders, mobilette fixers, food vendors, shoe sellers -- just about anything. This guy is making rope. I think that the cool climate of Bobo encourages more work and life on the street than I had seen. There wasn't so much lethargy here.

But I did have a good dose of african bureaucracy as I tried to open my one-month internet account with the national phone company -- this is the manager of the hotel who had to come to the Unatel offices and write out a letter confirming their permisission for me to use their phone number on my application. It took about 6 days to get my account open.


Pottery Market at left.

"La Place de la Femme"!

Your usual collection of annoying hustlers. I think Bobo had more than its fair share in the end -- the only drawback to an otherwise enchanting little place.

Playing the "djembe" drums
outside the museum.

Selling lotto tickets -- I won 20p.